Online Business Process Simulator

Web based business process simulator is easy to use and can be accessed directly from a web browser. 

You must have a business process diagram in BPMN 2.0 or VSDX* (Microsoft Visio 2013) BPMN format. With the web based simulator interface you can upload your business process diagram and add the additional information that is required for simulation. Additional information like the number of process instances, their arrival rate, activity durations, amount of various resources, path execution probabilities and etc is essential for the simulation.

If you are using Microsoft Visio 2013 to create the business process model then make sure to save the model to the first page or sheet of the document. BIMP searches for the business process model from the first page only.

After the simulation data has been entered, the simulation can be started. You can also enable MXML log creation to produce the logs in a standard XML format that can be downloaded and analyzed further with other process mining tools.

Simulation might take some time to finish depending on the complexity of the model and the number of process instances. On the results page you will see:

  • Costs of the scenario. You will see total cost of the scenario, minimum, average and maximum costs of individual process instance and diagram of the process instance cost distribution.
  • Bottlenecks in the process. If there are not enough resources to handle the scenario, then tasks will start ending up in the queue and cause high waiting times and process cycle times. Distribution of the process waiting times will be shown in a diagram.
  • Resource utilization. You can see average utilization percentage of each resource in the simulation scenario.
  • Cycle times and process duration. The simulator will output the total cycle time of the scenario, also diagrams about duration and cycle time distribution.

From the results you can analyze the performance of the business process. You can download the process model with the simulation data to be simulated later again. You can always go back modify the entered simulation specific information and run the simulation again.

Watch the introduction video by Prof. Marlon Dumas how to use the BIMP Online Business Process Simulator: 


* VSDX (Microsoft Visio 2013) BPMN format support is in beta phase.




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